Why do I need to make an appointment?

The Littlest Costume Shop lives up to it's name!  I operate out of a tiny studio.  It's what allows me to hire beautiful costumes with accessories and personally styled wigs at a price which can compete with buying a cheap costume from the internet.

When you make an appointment, I can get a selection of costumes ready especially for you and concentrate on what you want to hire or buy, without any other customers to distract me.

Because we all live busy lives, appointments are available 'out of working hours' - meaning you can pick up and drop off your costume after work or on the weekend.


What Covid 19 Measures are in place at your studio?


Only one customer in the studio at a time.  

 The studio is a tiny space, but usually I'm more than happy to cram as many people in as possible, and hold your baby or amuse your toddler while you're trying on a costume.  That's just not safe at the moment.  Please just come by yourself.


A limit to the amount of costumes you can try on.

You can only try on three costumes - this is because after you have left, those costumes will be quarantined for 72 hours and then steam cleaned before being put back on the rack.  


Protective Equipment and Procedures

I'll be wearing a mask and using hand sanatiser before and after your visit.  Please use hand sanatiser on the way in,  Masks are available for you to use.   I will be filling in your form myself and only asking you to sign it.  The pen that you use to sign the form with will be cleaned before and after you use it.  



On returning your costume, it will be left in the cover for 72 hours before being checked and laundered.  For this reason, we strongly suggest that you leave a credit card number or use direct transfer into The Littlest Costume Bank Account (call for details) as your bond instead of cash.  If you do need to leave a cash bond, you'll have to return after 72 hours to collect it.  The money will be handled while wearing protective gloves and will be stored in a sealed plastic pouch.


 What happens if my event is cancelled due to a Covid-19 Lockdown?

If you have booked a hire costume and then your event is cancelled due to a Covid-19 Lockdown, I will refund your hire fee.  If you have paid by bank deposit, or cash, the whole amount will be refunded.  If you have paid via credit card, your hire fee will be refunded, minus the credit card fees incurred in processing and refunding your hire fee.

Do you have other costumes for hire that aren't shown on the website?

Yes, I'm working on photographing all of the costumes that are available - but I'm not quite there yet.  Give me a call and I'll happily discuss what other costumes I have, and send through a photograph too.