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Mehron Blood Splatter - 30ml Pump Bottle

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A liquid formula fake blood in a spray bottle to create blood splatter.  It will drip and run like real blood.  Great for finishing off Special Effects Makeup, sets and props.  Over time it will darken and crack to create a realistic dried blood. (If you want your blood to continue to stay wet and glistening try stage blood here:
Available in 30ml spray bottle.

How to use:

Hold 6”-12” away from subject and pump the desired amount for a realistic splatter/drip effect. Remove with soap and water.  In case of allergic reaction, please remember to perform a patch test 24 hours before using any new makeup.



The Littlest Costume Shop testers note - High quality. Easy to use.  As with all fake blood (no matter what the manufacturers say) it can stain clothing so test beforehand.