Re-usable Fitted Fabric Face Masks. Made to order in Melbourne.

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Reusable Fabric Face Masks made to Order in Melbourne.  Posted to you or Contactless Pickup.

Three layers of different types of closely-woven fabric, independently sewn (no interfacing).   All fabric is pre-washed at 60 degrees.  Includes wire over nose.  Soft Cotton Flannelette or jersey next to the skin.  $21 per mask or $19 if buying three or more.


Skull Pattern - Outer Layer - Polyester/Nylon blend. Middle Layer - Organic Cotton. Inner Layer - 100% Cotton Flannelette


Retro Orange Dots - Outer Layer - 100% Cotton. Middle Layer - Organic Cotton. Inner Layer - 100% Cotton Flannelette.


Blue Vertical Striped Pattern and Horizontal Grey Stripes  - Outer Layer - Polyester. Middle Layer - Organic Cotton. Inner Layer - 100% Cotton Flannelette/Jersey


Littlest Costume Shop Review:  These are the masks that I've made for my own family. They've been designed to give a really good seal around the cheeks, nose and under the chin, which means that all the air comes through the three layers and not around the edges of the mask.  I've gone for a long walk wearing one and although I could breathe perfectly well through the layers, it did feel a bit claustrophobic until I got used to it.  I found the inner layer less 'sweaty' and more comfortable than disposable masks. 

The masks with cotton on the outside feel as if they're easier to breathe through, but are not waterproof on the outside. 


Please Note:   These masks have been made with reference to health information available on the internet from the NHS, CDC and DHHS and are intended to cover your mouth and nose which can minimise your exposure to airborne droplets.  They cannot completely protect you or those around you from Covid-19 and have not been clinically assessed as to their effectiveness.   They are not intended for use as medical equipment or PPE.  Please observe social distancing where at all possible.  Wash your hands frequently.  Discontinue mask if you experience discomfort, or have difficulty breathing.

To Use Mask:

  • Wash mask before use.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting on or taking off your mask.  Do not touch the front of the mask, your face or eyes while wearing it.   The mask is designed to cover your nose, mouth and chin. 
  • Remove the mask using the ties and store in a sealed plastic bag until ready to wash.  Use each mask once and do not reuse until it has been washed.
  • Wash the mask in 60 degree water with a mild detergent and dry in direct sunlight