Santas, Santas, Everywhere.....

Santas, Santas, Everywhere.....

Posted by Mandy on 29th Nov 2015

Christmas is a magical time of year - and what could be more magical than having Santa himself turn up and hand out presents?

Right now Santa is obviously pretty busy (what with organising presents for all the children around the world) so you'll need to find a willing victim as a stand-in, and dress them up in a Santa Suit.

I can't give you any advice about the willing victim - but here's what you should definitely look for in the Santa Costume:

1.  Soft comfortable fabric, which isn't too thick (in case of a hot Christmas).

2.  Generous fake fur trimming, a hat with a Pom-Pom and a large black belt with a buckle (all essential)

3.  Must be easy to get on and off.

4.  Trousers with an elasticated waist and pockets (somewhere to keep the sleigh keys)

5.  White curly wig and beard (optional if you have your own).

6.  Not so expensive that you need to take out a mortgage to buy one.

By a staggering coincidence, I have exactly these types of Santa Suits, and wig and beard sets for sale on the website and in store.

See - told you Christmas was a magical time xxx

A Customer Dressed as Santa caught in the middle of a Ho Ho Ho!.