About Us/FAQ

Please read all the rave reviews!

The Littlest Costume Shop is operated by just one person, myself (Mandy).

It started in 2013 - and grew out of my disillusionment working in the Fancy Dress industry.  I was fed up of charging high prices for old, stained or poor quality costumes.

The whole purpose of The Littlest Costume Shop is to offer beautiful costumes in great condition and at a price that really is a viable alternative to buying rubbish from the internet - and the best way to do that is not to be paying shop rental prices.......

So I operate from a small studio at the bottom of the garden - costume fittings, drop off and pick up are by appointment only - but those appointments can be in the evenings or weekends including Sunday to be more convenient.

The hire section operates from the studio in Preston.  (Some years we open a pop up accessories stall for the Halloween season). There is a good selection of every kind of costume in a tiny space but my speciality is 1920's.  There over 50 beaded flapper dresses, plus furs, boas, pearls and fingerwaved and bob wigs - with top hat and tails, gangster and Peaky Blinders outfits too.

I'm happy to give any kind of advice.  I love the people who contact me and have most of their costume bought from opp shops and just need makeup or a hat.... and I'm more than happy to help those people who are in a panic and have no idea what to do.

Small.  Friendly. Independent.  Sustainable.