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There are no fairies at the bottom of my garden - but lots and lots of costumes.

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When I open the door to my studio to usher customers in, they usually give a gasp of surprise.  

To be fair, I've just walked them along our driveway (my husband's a builder, please ignore the building materials here) and through our garden (I've got two children, just let me move the toys out of your way) and they're probably wondering what they've got themselves into.  

Then they see the racks of costumes for hire - all in beautiful condition, the display cabinets full of masquerade masks and makeup, and the wall covered in accessories for sale.  I guess they're just not expecting it.

There are reasons that for most of the year I don't have a shop-front type store........the first is that (especially at this end of the year) there aren't always a lot of customers.  Rather than sit and wait for customers to come into the shop, I'm doing other things - wig styling in the city, being primary parent, etc.

The other is simple pricing and cash-flow.  The whole purpose of The Littlest Costume Shop is to offer beautiful costumes in great condition and at a price that really is a viable alternative to buying rubbish from the internet - and the best way to do that is not to be paying shop rental prices.......

So, call on 0432 929090 to make an appointment.  Come and see me.  Try some costumes on.  Chat to me about your party or event.  I'm looking forward to it!


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