You're never too small to have ethics either....

The Littlest Costume Shop hires costumes and sells accessories - and tries to be ethical in both parts of the business - it's an ongoing process, and improving all the time.


All paper used is recycled and we upcycle as much as we can -for instance your purchase might be shipped to you in packaging that we've recovered from our suppliers. 

As for the way our staff is treated (at the moment, there's only me!) As this littlest company grows, all our staff will grow with us. Promise.


I launder and clean our costumes in the most environmentally friendly way possible, - the laundry powder is eco-friendly and costumes are line dried with stainless steel pegs.

I use tank water for handwashing and clean using naturally anti-bacterial materials like eucalyptus oils.


It's hard for a small company like The Littlest Costume Shop to police where the accessories and costumes we sell come from.  Even when we buy from an Australian or US supplier, it's likely that our products will be made in China or India.

With that in mind, we gave money to sponsor a small tailoring business in Sri Lanka and each year give to charities that support fair trade.

 This sharing of profits means so much to me that money each month goes to Oxfam and any gifts I give (to adults) are charitable donations.

Last year I decided to phase out the costumes that I sell in plastic packets, since they're often of the low quality, use once type and not so good for the environment.

As The Littlest Costume Shop grows (possibly into The Medium-sized Costume Shop) our donations will grow too.  Promise again.