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Murder on The Independence - Downloadable 1920's Murder Mystery Party for four people

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It's the 4th of July 2025. You have been cruising the Caribbean for two weeks, aboard the yacht ‘Independence’ which has been chartered by Texan millionaire, Sonny Baxter. The Volstead Act means that alcohol is prohibited in the U.S. but the Independence has a fully stocked bar and is far away from law enforcement, so it's time to dress for dinner and relax with some cocktails.

The Independence is crewed by its owner and Captain, John Andursson and a trainee crewmember, Cecily Brown, who is young and charming (if not exactly an experienced sailor). Also on board is Sonny’s wife, Priscilla and the New York socialite and darling of the gossip columnists, Gloria Lammer.

But one of you won't survive the journey...

A Downloadable Murder Mystery for four people.


On purchasing this murder mystery, you'll be sent a password you can use with your email address to access the downloadable Mystery.  Happy Sleuthing!