Scarecrow Vampire Teeth - Classic Small

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Without a doubt, Scarecrow teeth are the best ever...

Use the included dental putty (for tips, checkout the Youtube Video) to mould the inside of your vampire fangs to fit your teeth perfectly.  Once fitted - these teeth look realistic and last for years. These Scarecrow Vampire Fangs are smaller for a more subtle look.


Note from The Littlest Costume Shop - I've used Scarecrow Fangs (still easily usable years after I originally fitted them).  They were easy to fit, look realistic and were comfortable to use.  There is a strong chemical smell when you're doing the mixing, which has long worn off the actual teeth now..... and I have heard that they can be stained by fake blood, so can't be used with blood capsules.  Apart from that, the best fangs on the market! Definitely recommended for the budding vampire!

 As with all of these type of fangs, do not use over braces, crowns, plates, veneers or other dental work.